A small fire does not produce much heat and a weak desire does not yield great results. However, when the fire is blazing or when the desire is burning, one can accomplish great feats. A blazing fire fully consumes every bit of wood and in the same way a strong desire impels a person efficiently utilize every bit of time. Effective use of time – or in other words Time management – is the natural outcome of a sense of urgency.

Student life is a tender phase. It lays the foundation for the rest of your life to stand. Students often say: “There’s so much stress. There’s too much to do.  How do I choose? I seem to be working hard but don’t get good results.” Time management is essential for everyone including (and especially) students.

Time is beyond sense perception. You cannot see it or touch it. Then how do you manage it! Vedas very logically explain a variety of topics, ‘Time’ being one of them. Time is considered as an agent of God. In Vedic view, one does not try to control time nor does one try to control the outcome of one’s actions, because neither is possible to do. Rather one invests time in those best possible actions which guarantee one a good result eventually.

Here is the secret: Time management does not mean to increase the number of activities you do in the same amount of time or to complete all those tasks on your ‘To do’ list. Time management means to select the most important tasks – those which affect your success the most – and to intelligently invest time in them. It means to consciously and carefully exercise your God given choice of investing your time.

An average student who develops this habit of clearly setting up priorities and investing his or her time in completing important tasks, will quickly outdo the “brilliant” ones who have great intellect but procrastinate.

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