Giving back to the world is an essential virtue. Amal M. Das firmly believes that we are all meant to serve the world with the special abilities or gifts that each of us are endowed with. With this sense of responsibility, Amal M. Das, began his journey as an author by writing Wisdom book series for the youths. The very first book in the series went on to become a national best-seller. In the world where confusion reigns, Amal seeks to bring in clarity. He brings distilled wisdom from timeless sources and presents them along with his original insights in a simple and practical way. He introduces the ideologies that empower greatness, aids goodness and edifies prudence within people. His efforts have received a well-deserved appreciation by many leaders of society, who call his books a ‘must-read’ for the youth.

My Books


In the Age Of Distractions

Name a single most important virtue for a student –CONCENTRATION. Specially in today’s age of mass distraction this book tells a student all what he/she needs to know to develop the “Art of Concentration”. Authored by Mr. Amal M. Das, an IITian himself, this book is referred to as the Students’ ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CONCENTRATION for achieving success in exams, life and everything. The book has received bounty of appreciations from top rankers, well known professionals and concerned parents. You can’t afford to miss it!


For Students who Value their Time…!

Time is the most valuable resource for a student. And yet rarely do we find any book which can teach the students about the utilization of this precious asset. “Time Management – for students who value their time” is the first of its kind to fill in the gap. This book discusses in detail about the principles of efficiency and effectiveness, both. Planning, Goal setting, Prioritization, avoiding Procrastination, Motivation and the Sutras for effectiveness are some of the jewels which you will find inside this storehouse of gems of wisdom. If you want to save time and make your life wholesomely successful, then get a copy for you today!


… for Wholesome Success!

The values imbibed and decisions taken by teenagers set the course of their life. Yet, they are notoriously difficult to influence: their rebellious streak, magnified by today’s digital distractions, can leave parents feeling alienated. What can parents do to establish a deep, loving, and long-lasting connection with their teenage children, set up open and honest channels of communication, and help their children achieve happiness and success in their careers?

This book answers all of these questions and more in an engaging and lucid manner. Based on 15 years of experience in counselling teenagers, and synthesizing insights from Indian traditional wisdom and the research of more than 40 leading thinkers, sociologists and psychologists, “Parenting Teenagers for Wholesome Success” helps parents add wisdom to their love, and brings traditional Indian parenting to the 21st century. It is the ultimate guide to the best parenting attitude & practices for a life-long, nourishing relationship with children that unleashes their full potential.


“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

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