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Early Teens

Life began for Amal in a typical middle-class family of Lucknow, popularly called the ‘City of Nawabs’. He grew up being close to friends and families from different communities and experienced that in general, humans are loving and kind regardless of their religion. Yet, in society at large he saw communal clashes and hatred that divided people. At times he would see people’s kindness, sharing and caring extend beyond their immediate family members and yet in society at large he observed a culture of selfishness, sectarianism and exploitation prevail.

Growing up, these were the issues he was yearning to address – “How to bring about a cultural revival in society? How to bring in a culture of love and happiness amidst a society taken over by selfish propensities?”. Amal was always a brilliant student at school. Yet his education could not equip him to solve these problems which were considered ‘out of syllabus’. When he was 14, he happened to read the Bhagavad Gita which inspired him to seek solutions at a spiritual level – an inspiration that he has carried with him ever since.
Eventually, his desire to lead society to happiness and his intellectual prowess landed him in a B.Tech program in Mechanincal Engineering at one of the nation’s most prestigious Universities – IIT Kharagpur.

IIT Days

At IIT Kharagpur, Amal continued to excel at academics, acquiring engineering and programming skills. However, he was a bit surprised by many of the students he met. Although education is assumed to refine one’s character, Amal saw that many brilliant and talented students were misdirected and lacked character and humanity. Clearly, they were educated on how to make a living but not on how to live. Thus, he was convinced that an education that does not teach human and spiritual principles is incomplete and cannot truly transform people.

He did, however, find an oasis of hope and inspiration during his stay at IIT. There were some like-minded people who shared his dreams of service to society and were searching for a deeper meaning to life. It was in this good association that Amal was able to go deeper in his readings of ancient Indian wisdom literature. Thus, after a well-spent four years at IIT , Amal graduated with honors and an excellent grade. Next phase of his life was a brief stint working for much sought-after corporate giants like ADOBE Inc. @ Bangalore.

Corporate World

Even before starting off as a corporate employee, Amal planned to keep it as short as possible. His sights were always set on his much-cherished goal of dedicating himself to serve society. As he rightly calculated, the world was not short of money or technology. There is, however, an acute shortage of wisdom to live. This is the shortage that Amal chose to address.

Soul Searching

In pursuit of his ambition to serve the world, Amal decided to dedicate exclusive time to go deep in his own understanding of life and the wisdom literatures of India. To aid his rigorous study of ancient literature, Amal adopted a simple lifestyle with service as the focus. This gave him the time to deeply contemplate, meditate and learn from various teachers and saints. His travels took him through different cultures and sections of society. He was thus also able to gather knowledge of the scientific principles that underlie the time-tested Indian traditions. The simple lifestyle and sublime Indian philosophy gifted Amal with an everlasting experience of peace and profound inner joy. It nurtured his desire to serve and equipped him with the answers he was looking for. He now knew the means to help people from all walks of life attain lasting joy and inner peace.

His Ideals

Backed by a decade’s experience of Simple Living High Thinking, Amal embarked to fulfil his longing to share wisdom and transform lives. Amal firmly believes that though humans are susceptible to vices, spirituality is a strong process and medicine to cleanse their hearts of exploitative tendencies. He believes that our innermost desire to love and experience love & joy is currently misdirected towards pursuits of instant pleasures which rob us of our humanity. Humans are most productive and efficient only when driven by a purpose beyond themselves. Amal has a practical approach towards spiritual principles and believes that unless one achieves victory at an individual level, there cannot be a sustainable success at the public level. Excellence needs Ethics at its base for it to do good to oneself and others. Relationships become toxic if people become self-centred. He believes life is simple and yet it can become very complex if one does not live with wisdom.

Contributing To The World

Amal is a skilled author, motivational speaker and mentor. His books and talks have positively helped thousands of students and youth over the years. He is the author of a national best-seller – ‘Art of Concentration in the age of distractions’ which is a very popular and useful guide-book for high-school and college students. His work as an author has received much appreciation from various toppers and leaders of society.

The powerful and unique combination of a selfless heart, brilliant IITian mind and a monk’s profound wisdom come to life in Amal, whose talks captivates and guides the audience through a reflective thought process that uplifts them. He has delivered many motivational talks over the years, primarily addressing students and youths of Kota, Vijayawada, and other educational hubs. As an upcoming educationalist, he also offers many courses for students, corporates, parents and teachers that are based on time-tested and well-researched principles.

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