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In today’s world of technology and amenities if there is something missing, it is the wisdom to live life. Our education teaches us how to earn livelihood but not how to live. People make mistakes and get into troubles due to wrong ideologies. Amal M. Das speaks as a service and shares the timeless wisdom much needed by both the young and the old. He specializes on speaking about Self-Motivation, Mindfulness, Meditation, striking a Work-Life Balance, making Career Decisions, principles of Leadership and Parenting, developing healthy relationships and other similar issues that help one lead a happier life and motivating one to do better. Whether it is a small group or a large crowd of thousands, Amal always has had a lasting impact on his audience. Many call his seminars a ‘live experience’ as he involves people and makes them go through reflective thought process. He educates in an entertaining way which makes his words sink deep in memories of people. He has been invited to speak in various reputed international schools, colleges and corporate companies. His talks and courses have uplifted and energized thousands of people over many years.

Below are a few titles which
Amal M. Das speaks for his audience

For Students

  • Art of Concentration
  • Time Management
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Come out of your Comfort Zone
  • Self – Motivation
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Competing or Complementing – which is better?
  • Discover Yourself – Find your passion and purpose
  • Will power to excel
  • Power of Habits
  • Positive Thinking
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Dealing with Teenage Emotions
  • From Campus to Corporate
  • Overcoming Academic Stress
  • And many more…

For Teachers

  • How to enhance Teaching skills
  • Classroom Management
  • How to teach anything to anyone
  • Attitudes required for Successful Teaching
  • Learners and Judgers Mindset for Teachers
  • Building Credibility with your Students
  • The Law of Retention
  • Learning styles of different individuals
  • Importance of taking feedback and Self-assessment

For Parents

  • Parenting Styles – identify yours
  • Teenage and its turbulence – know your teenager to guide him successfully
  • Role of a parent in 21 st century
  • Balancing love and logic while parenting a Teen
  • Ideal Parenting
  • How to help a troubled teenager
  • Giving Choices and Raising Responsible Teens
  • Communication and Connection – how you speak matters
  • Empathy – the need of your Teenager

For Corporates

  • Tree of Life – importance of living a balanced life
  • Traits of a Good Leader
  • Relationships Management
  • Discover Yourself – Find your passion and purpose
  • Secrets of long-lasting relationships
  • Essential principles of Meaningful Life
  • Proactive Behaviour
  • Five love languages – for marital harmony

Online Webinars

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Mr. Amal delivered an inspiring talk on ‘Self-Motivation’ to our students. Generally to speak to young audience tests your patience, however, to our surprise students were just into his message. He is an enthusiastic and charismatic speaker. He connected with everyone by very thought provoking stories and excellent humor

Mr. Kothandaraman, Sr.Principal, Velammal International School, Chennai


I attended Amal M. Das’s motivational programs in I.L. Auditorium at Kota. His seminars, laced with humour, were highly motivational and inspirational to all specially the students.

M P Eshwar, Former CMD, Instrumentation Ltd., Kota.


Mr. Amal brings crystal clarity through his explanations. He speaks about deeper principles from Indian wisdom books in a way that is relatable to your situations and easy to understand. His seminars are lively and very interesting too.

Rajesh, Director Delivery, Urjanet, Chennai.


Mr. Amal is terrific! He is an unlimited source of inspiration and motivation. He is such a noble person who spreads wisdom for the welfare of humanity. His corporate course ‘Essential Principles of Meaningful Life’ transformed my life in inconceivable ways; it is vital for everyone.

Varun, Algorithmic Software Developer, Quantitative Brokers, Chennai.

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