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Welcome. Thank you for visiting my website! Right from when I was a teen, I always had a burning desire to enrich the lives of people, make everyone happy and free from vices. On my quest I graduated from IIT Kharagpur and worked with MNC giants like ADOBE. Despite having such accolades, a part of me felt unsatisfied. I wanted to do more for the world, and felt that to best serve others, I needed to go deeper in life. Thus, I decided to dedicate exclusive time to learn from and meditate on the deep wisdom in our ancient texts. In ancient Indian philosophy and psychology, I found solutions to many problems that confronts our society. Today I am a motivational speaker, educationalist, author and a life coach. I now share the wisdom that I have gained over the years to help people live more meaningfully, harness their true potential, find true self-worth, overcome negativity, have deeply satisfying relationships and add value to the world.


I love sharing wisdom which not just informs but also transforms. I believe for the message to reach to the heart, it needs to be thought provoking, entertaining and connecting to the lives of people. Call me over to your events to get this transforming experience for your group. I speak in colleges and corporates and have addressed more than 1 lakh people.

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When people heard me speaking, they wanted to know more. They needed wisdom which could connect with them and help them deal with the issues of life. I decided to pen down the jewels I had discovered. In my books I bring the wisdom from the past, making it relevant for the present, to make a better future.


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