I discussed earlier how feeling discomfort is the biggest trigger for procrastination. In this issue, let us discuss the solution for procrastination.

There can be several reasons why we feel discomfort and procrastinate. We may be fearful of whether or not we will be successful in our attempts. This is fear of outcome. Other similar reasons are: Excessive Perfectionism (“Either I become a hero, or a zero”), Rebellion (“I will not listen to anyone. I’ll work on my own terms!”), Laziness (“It’s better to sleep now!”), etc.

All these can be overcome if our actions are governed by spiritual ideals.  Making the shift from Comfort zone to Responsibility zone is the most straightforward solution. In our Comfort zone, we tend to think selfishly and keep our own gratification/comfort as the main priority.  Because of this we become victims of our own whimsical and changing desires.

Like Comfort zone, Responsibility zone is also a subconscious state of thoughts. It is a pattern of our activities and behavior which drive us to remain duty bound. One in the Responsibility zone acts out of gratitude and a sense of duty. He/she sees their work as sacred service to God & society and thus holds firm to their duties even in the face of discomfort and challenges. This in fact easily solves the problem of procrastination.  This transition from Comfort zone to Responsibility zone is possible only by imbibing true spiritual ideals that makes aware of one’s own self and his/her position in this world.

A student following these spiritual ideals, for example, can see their studies as an act of service. Whenever discomfort arises in the performance of one’s duty, one sees it as an obstacle in his service to God, humanity, society and family. One then faces these questions: should I avoid the discomfort I am facing and procrastinate? OR Should I cause pain to others by giving up my duty? Avoiding discomfort may give limited immediate pleasure but continuing to serve gives one greater satisfaction and happiness.

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